CE tracking tool for COVID-19 response

To assist you with tracking your COVID-19 response hours and to assist with providing sufficient evidence for LARA, the CME department has developed a brief tracking tool for your use. Use of this tracking tool is optional and should take less than a minute to complete.

The survey consists of 5 questions:
     1. Contact info
     2. Profession
     3. Date role performed;
     4. Role in the COVID-19 response
     5. Amount of time spent in role

If you want to receive AMA PRA Category 1 credit directly from Beaumont for reporting on your official Beaumont CME Credit report, you will also be asked to identify “lessons learned." We are asking that you track each day spent responding separately. The form will allow you to track hours for up to three separate dates within a single form and the survey can be completed multiple times.

Currently, the executive order runs through June 9, 2020; therefore, we are asking that all hours be tracked in this tool by June 12, 2020. The CME department will provide each individual who submitted hours with a summary of all hours tracked to be used for reporting purposes.

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